Meet RML: Lesser Known Locations

Most patrons visit either our picture book section or our adult fiction section. But did you know that we have all of these other collections available for checkout as well?

Activity Books


Looking for something to do with your kids? Maybe a rainy day activity? Or something to keep them entertained over the summer vacation? We have a sizeable collection of books on anything from science experiments to crafts available for check out.

You can find this section in the Children’s room, on the top shelf above the poetry and parenting books.

Picture Book Display


We are proud to announce a new rotating picture book display! All books on display are available for check out, so don’t hesitate to grab them!

You can find this section in the Children’s room.



Our newest addition to the collection is the Oversize section, where all of our biggest and most beautiful books are kept. Our collection ranges from illustrated classics to detailed non-fiction books, to massive art books.

You can find this section next to our rear window, below the graphic novels.

Dorothy Canfield Fisher Display

30724347_10216175034349408_3778163897136054272_n.jpgThe Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award was created to honor excellence in children’s literature. Each year since 1957, Vermont students in grades four through eight have selected their favorite book from a list of 30 nominees. It is recommended that students read at least five of the year’s nominated titles before voting. Voting takes place in the spring, generally beginning in April.

Since this is the one book award that children get to decide, we like to make the nominated books as available as possible. This display provides a list of all the nominated books, while also collecting all of the hard copies we have available.

(See the full list of books for this contest, all available through our digital services here.)

You can find this section in our YA section, next to the rear window.

The Doctor Russell Collection


Our library is named for Dr George Russell, a Vermonter best known for his appearances in Norman Rockwell’s work. His nephews collected George Russell’s personal collection of Vermont History books and used them to create our little Monkton Library. These rare and fragile books are kept behind our circulation desk in a special cabinet. While they do not leave the building, interested patrons are welcome to arrange an appointment to come in and explore the collection.


Dr Russell was the model for the doctor pictured above – from the painting Visiting the Family Doctor by Norman Rockwell


Any little sections that surprised you? Curious about a section not mentioned above? Come in and poke around during our open hours:

Tuesday 3:00 – 7:00
Thursday 3:00 – 7:00
Friday 9:00 – 1:00
Saturday 9:00 – 1:00


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    Love this post! Great idea to highlight these collections!

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