Free Online Resources

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Vermont Online Library (VOL)

The Vermont Online Library (VOL) offers a wide array of electronic information databases on a variety of topics geared to a variety of age levels, for both generalists and specialists. The information is produced by known and trusted publishers and includes Gale Cengage Learning databases (via Vermont academic, school and public member libraries), HeritageQuest genealogical research tools and Universal Class online learning (via all Vermont public libraries.) These resources are available to you 24-hours-a-day from not only your participating local library, but your home, your office – or anywhere Internet access is available.

Some places to start:

K-12 Resources

Newspapers & Magazines

eBooks (non-fiction)

Career and Job Resources

Small Business Resources

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Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is a massive library of digitized items that have passed out of copyright and thus become available for anyone to enjoy. The collection contains not only ebooks and audio, but also video, old websites, and a wealth of old artifacts ready to be explored. Best of all: no need to sign in! All of these items are free and completely legal to download.


25285.jpgFree self-paced online continuing education

Universal Class provides online learning for all Vermonters.  Provided through Vermont Public Libraries all you need is your ONLINE library card number.

In-Library Card Number: XXX
ONLINE Library Card Number: 2v6td000000XXX

To make your number readable to the computer, add “2v6td000000” before your library card number. For example, if you have the number 745 for use in the library, you would then use 2v6td000000745 when accessing these digital books.

(For patrons with single or double digit numbers, just add enough zeroes before your number to make your In-Library Card Number three digits long)