Audio and E-Books

Access our library’s audio book and e-book collection!

All Russell Memorial Library card holders have access to free e-books and audiobooks through the Green Mountain Library Consortium. To access them, all you need is a computer, tablet, or smartphone and your ONLINE library card number.

In-Library Card Number: XXX
ONLINE Library Card Number: 2v6td000000XXX

These services cannot process the short three-number library cards we issue here. To make your number readable to the computer, add “2v6td000000” before your library card number. For example, if you have the number 745 for use in the library, you would then use 2v6td000000745 when accessing these digital books.

(For patrons with single or double digit numbers, just add enough zeroes before your number to make your In-Library Card Number three digits long)


There are apps for that!



Overdrive will allow you to sign in with just your ONLINE Library Card number! However, it has a tendency to crash, forget your login, and refuse to download audio, especially on older devices.

Libby does not support signing in with our region’s library cards yet, so you’ll need to sign up for a free Overdrive Account in order to use it. However, it is a much more fluid, intuitive app without most of Overdrive’s glitchiness.

If you cannot remember your number, or have any trouble with the Overdrive system, please stop in and we’ll gladly help you get set up. If you prefer, you can also message us on Facebook, or email us at:



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