Interlibrary Loan

Did you know that our library offers Interlibrary Loan (ILL) services? Thanks to the State of Vermont’s new Clover system we can borrow books from almost any library in Vermont.

How does ILL work?

  1. First, a patron fills out a form at our front desk and hands it to the librarian on duty.
Screen Shot 2018-01-06 at 10.56.28.png

This is what the ILL Form looks like.

2. That librarian will then go to our library’s Clover account and enter the information the patron provided, specifically their name and contact info and the title and author of the item you’re looking for.
(No one but us will see that contact information you provide. It is for our reference only, and will not be visible to any other libraries who access this request.)

3. That request will go through the Clover system and be sent out to all of the Vermont libraries that have copies of the item requested. One by one the libraries will open that request, see if they can lend that item or not, and either send the item to us or pass the request on to the next library in the list.

4. Once that item arrives, we put a band on the outside that we use to keep track of the book in our system. Then we call the patron to come pick their book up.

5. When the patron is done reading, they bring the book back to us so we can remove it from our system and send it back to where it belongs.



What does ILL stand for?
It stands for InterLibrary Loan.

What can I order through Interlibrary Loan?
You can order pretty much any book you’d like, be it a novel, an illustrated memoir, a how-to book on bee keeping, or some obscure literary masterpiece.

What can’t I order through Interlibrary Loan?
We cannot order textbooks or items that have been out for less than six months.

How long will it take for my book to get here?
It depends on the book. If everyone (except for us) has copies, the book could arrive in less than a week. Something rarer might take as much as a month or two.

Are there late fees for ILL books?
We, at Russell Mem, do not charge late fees, but whatever library is lending you the book might. If you need the item longer than the original due date, PLEASE email us at Russell Mem so we can ask for a renewal for you.

Where do I pick up/drop off my ILL books?
Right here at our library! Just drop it at the front desk or in the book drop and we’ll take care of mailing it back.

Can I renew my ILL books?
Absolutely! Just call, email, or stop in and ask for a renewal.

(802) 453-4471           

Why do so many ILL books come from Middlebury College?
We have a partnership with the Middlebury College ILL Department. It is easiest, and fastest, for us to get books straight from their collection.