Trick or Treat!

Come by the library on Tuesday night, between 3 and 7 pm, to show off your costume and grab yourself some treats!


Clever costumes welcome.



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Author Feature: Alvin Schwartz

Looking for some Halloween-y goodness the whole family can enjoy? Try something from every 90 kid’s favorite underrated horror writer/folklorist: Alvin Schwartz.

He is best known, of course, for Scary Stories to Tell in the middle grade collection of spooky folklore is meant to be read aloud, and even includes handy asides for how best to scare your listeners as you go. If the more horror-based stories get to be too much, try one of the sillier songs or poems, or even flip to the “Aaaaaaah” chapter at the end full of stories to make you laugh away your worries.

If your aspiring horror reader is looking for something of an easier reading level, try the delightful: In a Dark, Dark Room: and Other Scary Stories

With far less scary pictures than it’s better known brother, In a Dark, Dark Room is written so that beginning reader can puzzle their own way through the spooky folktales told around Halloween. Many of these end humorously.

Of course, not everything Schwartz writes is spooky. Our collection does boast a copy of his delightful Ten Copycats in a Boat: and Other Riddles:

Fun for the whole family! Easy to read riddles for beginning readers to try out on all their closest family and friends. Plenty of puns to make the whole family forget about how spooky Halloween can be.

For example: What does a cat have that no other animal has?

(The answer is: Kittens)

Because at the end of the day, Alvin Schwartz is a lore-ist. All of his books end listing the sources of each and every folktale he’s used to spook or amuse you. If you like a bit of history with your spooky stories, give him a try.

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Pop Up Craft!


Looking for a spooktacular craft to get you in the Halloween spirit? Look no further than this week’s Pop Up Craft: Skeleton Hands! Available any time we’re open on Thusday (3-7) and Friday (9-1) here at the library!




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Page to Screen: Halloween Edition

A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket movie.jpg

If you have not read anything about the Baudelaire orphans, then before you read even one more sentence, you should know this: Violet, Klaus, and Sunny are kindhearted and quick-witted, but their lives are filled with bad luck and misery. This makes many of their adventures very unfortunate indeed.


Circque du Freak by Darren Shan

Cyr 2016 OCT Thesis.jpg   movie.jpg

Young Darren Shan goes to a freak show with his friend one night and makes a decision that night which will change his life forever, dragging him unwillingly into the dark world of the Cirque du Freak.

Horns by Joe Hill movie.jpg


Ignatius Perrish woke up with a thunderous hangover, a raging headache . . . and a pair of horns growing from his temples that make everyone tell him their darkest secrets, whether they want to or not.

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Librarians Recommend: N0S4A2

Katie Recommends: N0S4A2 by Joe Hill Victoria McQueen has a secret gift for finding things: a misplaced bracelet, a missing photograph, answers to unanswerable questions. On her Raleigh Tuff Burner bike, she makes her way to a rickety covered bridge that, within moments, takes her wherever she needs to go, whether it’s across Massachusetts or across the country.

Then, one day, Vic goes looking for trouble—and finds Manx. Manx and his 1938 Rolls-Royce Wraith who likes to transport children to the astonishing — and terrifying–“Christmasland.” That was a lifetime ago. Now Vic, the only kid to ever escape Manx’s unmitigated evil, is all grown up and desperate to forget. But Charlie Manx never stopped thinking about Victoria McQueen. He’s on the road again and he’s picked up a new passenger: Vic’s own son.

Come for the characters, stay for the plot; Hill is not afraid to write flawed, yet compelling characters and woo boy does Vic have flaws. But then, so does Lou, the geeky, overweight biker who finds Vic by the side of the road and takes her to safety. Or Maggie, the baddass, stuttering librarian who helps Vic find her son. And Wayne, of course, who has inherited his mother’s survival instincts and world class stubbornness, good traits to have when you’ve been kidnapped by… whatever Manx is.

Each character feels like someone you could meet around town, which is what makes Hill’s horror work so well. You get so dang attached to these people. Couple this with Hill’s subtle, down-to-earth writing style and you have a book that’s hard to forget. Five years after reading I can still hear the visceral sounds the text conjured for a struggle in the book, in which Wayne watches Manx and Vic brawl. That snap literally made me gasp in surprise.

This book has a lot going on; it spans pretty much Vic’s whole life, with chapters from the point of view of every character listed above, and then some. Everything interweaves so tightly, though, that it never feels bloated, repetitive, or overwrought. Complex though the narrative is, Hill somehow manages to make it simple to follow from start to finish and beyond.

This book is a great gateway into horror books (it was one of my very first forays into the genre), and if you’re already a fan, there are all manner of Easter Eggs from Hill’s other work, as well as references to locales like Pennywise’s Circus and Shawshank Prison. If you’re looking for a book to get you into the Halloween Spirit, look no further than N0S4A2. It certainly won’t disappoint.

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Spooky Books to Read!!!

It’s time to break out the spooky reads! You may think we’re all happy, bubbly stories here at RML, but you’d be surprised what darkness lurks in our stacks…

(Click on the covers for book summaries, etc)

For the littlest ones:   sh.jpg   oh.jpg


For beginning readers:   sh.jpg   oh.jpg

For the young adult audience:   oh.jpg   sh.jpg


For the adults out there:   horns_joe-hill.jpg

And as a bonus:

Hey, maybe one of these could be a recommendation for All Hallow’s Read?

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Upcoming Events!

Looking for some fun stuff to do in and around Addison County? Here are some events coming up in October:


Draw me a story–Tell me a tale: Vermont Children’s Book Illustrators and Authors Exhibit
Now through Oct 15th
Tuesday–Saturday: 10am–5pm
Sundays: 1–5pm
Henry Sheldon Museum (Middlebury)
This exhibit features art by eighteen Vermont children’s book artists, with three galleries showcasing their literary artistry with paintings, illustrations, photographs, preparatory drawings and, of course their books. Author readings, presentations, panel discussions, and hands-on activities are being planned throughout the run of the exhibit.

Green Mountain Club Snake Mountain hike in Addison
Thursday, Oct. 5,
Snake Mtn.
An easy/moderate two-mile hike with a gradual ascent of 980 feet. The summit offers great views of Lake Champlain and the Adirondacks. Appropriate clothing, water, hiking poles and lunch or snack. This is a dog friendly hike.
More info contact Mike Greenwood at or 802-349-5653.

Jeff Howlett

An Abolitionist Family Photo Album: Jeff Howlett
October 8th
10 am
Rokeby Museum (Ferrisburgh)
Free admission
(But if you want him to take a tintype of you, bring $50 and he’ll do one right there!)

Have you ever wondered how they took those old photographs you see in Westerns? You know, before digital cameras and Polaroids were invented? Come see Jeff Howlett’s real live demonstration of how they’re made!

Image of Adam Boyce

The Old Country Fiddler: Charles Ross Taggart, Vermont’s Traveling Entertainer
October 16th
7 pm
Monkton Fire Station

You don’t even have to leave town to see Adam Boyce in character as Charles Ross Taggart, Vermont comedian and folk artist. Come see him perform live at Monkton’s very own fire station!

Image of Civil War soldiers

Vermont and Union Victory
October 19
7 pm
Howden Hall Community Center (Bristol)

Did you know that Vermonters were instrumental in helping the North win the Civil War? Come hear the story of the attack at Petersburg that finally broke the Confederate lines, after nine months of trying, all thanks to the Vermonters that led the charge.

All Hallow's Read - Brasil

All Hallow’s Read at the Library!
October 31
3-7 pm
Russell Memorial Library

Come by and Trick or Treat at the library! Who knows what kind of treat you could receive?


And those are just a handful of the events coming up in our neck of the woods. For more listings, see The Addison Independent’s Website, or the Chamber of Commerce’s Calendar.

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