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Overdrive Finds: Awesome Author/Narrators

It can be intimidating to read for an audiobook, especially when you’re not formally trained for it. There are some authors, though, that just have the knack for bringing their works to life in audio format. Below are some of the very best of those author/narrators that you can find through our digital audiobook collection.

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Neil Gaiman

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You may have heard of Gaiman’s work. His books have been made into movies, TV shows, and radio plays. He’s written for kids, teens, and adults in every medium from comics and TV scripts, to picture books, short stories, and massive novels. His style tends toward lyrical prose, with most hove his work incorporating fantastic elements into tales about everyday people.

His reading style is similarly rich and varied, with a wide variety of accents and tones that he uses for his huge casts of characters. There’s something earnest in his narration–a friendly, almost librarian-like quality that makes you just want to sit and listen to him tell each tale.

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Maya Angelou

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Maya Angelou is known for her autobiographies, essays, and poetry, but people forget that she was experienced performer and public speaker. Her oratory skills, polished in varied locations from night clubs to operas, come through vibrantly in her narration. There’s something beautiful about listening to her tell her own story, told in the lovely, lilting tones of a singer and poet.

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Meet RML: Audio and E-Books

Obviously we have books available at our library. But what if you are snowed in? What if we’re closed and you desperately need something to read? Or maybe you’re traveling and don’t want to have to carry a huge hardcover?

All Russell Memorial Library card holders have access to free e-books and audiobooks through the Green Mountain Library Consortium’s Overdrive System. To access them, all you need is a computer, tablet, or smartphone and your ONLINE library card number. Continue reading

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