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Meet RML: The Website/Blog

How well do you know our website? (Technically it’s a blog, but we’re old fashioned here so we call it our website.) There have been a lot of updates and changes since we first started, so here’s a rundown of what our website has to offer.

The Sidebar of Awesome

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The lower portion of the Sidebar of Awesome.

No matter where you go on our website (except if you follow the link to our online catalog), you will have access to the wonderful Sidebar of Awesome. This sidebar lists all of our contact information, the names of our staff, the hours we’re open, and a quick list of some of our available resources.

Most importantly, though, if you scroll down below the Hours listing, you can find dates for upcoming events, such as Make & Take Crafts or Summer Reading Program meetings.


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Internet Homes for Booklovers

Ever wonder where people of the internet go to hear about all the new books coming out? Here are some of the places around the internet built by and for booklovers:


Goodreads is a huge social database of books that link outward to authors, reviews, interviews, quotes, publication information, etc for books and authors. Members of Goodreads (like Facebook, it is a free service) can keep track of the books they read and even swap reviews of their favorite titles. The website even offers a yearly challenge, allowing readers to set themselves a goal of so many books to read in a year, and keep track their progress.

With added access to authors and actual blog-style articles published about any number of books, Goodreads is a good well-rounded database of book related information.

See also: Worlds Without End aka Goodreads for SF, Fantasy, and Horror nerds


Posting on anything and everything to do with books, Book Riot publishes videos, articles, podcasts, and pretty much any other format of media you can think of. They tend toward a liberal, internet saavy new adult audience, but also include articles for teachers, librarians, and other authority figures trying to get kids into reading.

Try some:
Getting through Brutal Books (Video)
Read or Dead: the mystery and thriller podcast (Podcast)
Supporting Public Libraries Through the Trump Presidency (Article)




If you like to read about reading, this is a spectacular place to find free book-related listicles, essays on authors and writing, short stories and poems from up-and-coming authors, and lots of pieces examining literature over time and themes. If you are an academic at heart, or just really like analyzing works of writing, this is absolutely the place for you.

Try some:
11 Worst Weddings in Literature
 Living without a Mind’s Eye
Agatha Christie’s Sassy Nature


And for fun, try glancing through some of these simple, but fun sites:

CoverSpy – where a team of book nerds hits the subways, streets, parks & bars to find out what New Yorkers are reading now, then posts their finds to this tumblr. An wide and varied collection of books and descriptions of the people who were caught reading them.

WhichBook – pick what kind of book you’re in the mood for, and this site will give you some recommendations.

BookNotes – where you can read about, and sometimes listen to, the music authors listened to when they wrote each of their books

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